Warranty Policy

 - Duration of warranty: All Hapro plastic rattan products are warranted for 12 months for section steel frame and wire knitting.

- Warranty conditions

     + We will conduct product warranty for any technical problems due to errors made by the manufacturer.

    + True resin rattan products we supply

 - Deploy warranty.

     + When you receive feedback from our customers, our employees will deal with your time customer locations to inspect and repair any damage caused by the fault of the manufacturer, the product does not satisfy error like quality to be made.
     + Our company guarantees the repairs as new products in your home, the product will be taken seriously damage repair company.

     + Also repair or replacement for a discount at the end of the warranty period

 * Products not covered by the fault of the users in the following circumstances:

      + Do deformed, broken wire frame or slide in the process of moving or using heavy object on the product

     + Plastic Wire broken intentionally or cigarette butts

      + Use the product in an environment with chemicals or frequent use in wet environments.

        * These products are not covered under warranty, if there is demand we will carry out repairs to your premium. When appearance required warranty repair you contact us by phone, email we will send staff to take the place of performance warranty to you.

If you have further questions, please please contact us to Email: or call 0987.457.456 maynhuahapro@gmail.com Mr Tao.

PLANT HAPRO sincerely thank our customers for the purchase and use of plastic rattan products Hapro. Sure customers will be satisfied with the service quality & best service attitude from HAPRO PLANT.

                                   Wishing you a happy and prosperous.